Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 FUNimation English Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 FUNimation English Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super FUNimation English Dubbed Episode 1. Watch Dragon Ball Super FUNimation English Dubbed Episode 1 in High Quality HD online on ww2.dragonballsuperdub.com
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super FUNimation English Dubbed Episode 1. Episode 1 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super FUNimation English Dubbed.



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63 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 FUNimation English Dubbed”

  1. WOO! FINALLY it is Super’s time to be dubbed! I can’t wait until they get to the Future Trunks arc though no offense to the voice of Black, the Xenoverse 2 voice over dub wasn’t that menacing. Hopefully they find someone else to dub Black’s voice and make him sound menacing like he did in the original japanese episodes! Looking forward to it! Let’s go!

    • Uhm, it’s the same voice actor that did Goku in Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, nearly all of the movies and I believe quite literally all of the video games with voice acting.
      He did the Budokai series and Xenoverse 1 & 2.
      So the person who made him “sound fierce like he did in the original!” (whatever that means) is this very same voice actor, Sean Schemmel.

  2. And finally it has arrived! After all this time! I forget how long Super has been running now, what a year or so? But I was there back when it began! And I loved it since! It has made it a long way and I am so happy it has finally been dubbed! I said I wouldn’t go back to watch the roots in the dub version cause it’d be pointless at it is so far away, but after watching this I realize how much of a nostalgia blast it really was. This is fantastic! If a new episode of Super is dubbed everytime a new one is released subbed, then this will finally quench my hunger for at least two episodes of Super each week, and it’ll be interesting to compare how far along it has really gotten! This makes Sundays all the more awesomer now! I cannot wait until the dub catches up to the sub, if that should ever happen! May Super live on forever!

  3. Welp, this was freaking nostalgic. Can’t wait to tune in next week for more! Did they use original animation for this, or the improved animation from the blu-rays?

    Honestly, the only sad thing in all this that there’s no “legal” way for me to watch this, as I don’t live in the States. I guess I’ll have to show my support by buying physical releases, when they come out.

    • Hercule was always Mr. Satan in the Japanese and in FUNimation’s Uncut English dub of DBZ. He was changed to Hercule in the edited version of FUNimation’s English dub (and every other English dub) for TV (when it was on Toonami, but now it’s on Adult Swim, there’s no need for censorship).

  4. the english voice actors are decent but they don’t compare to the japanese voice actors in terms of emotion. I grew up watching the english dub, I’m 27 now, and when super first aired I had no choice but to watch the japanese one obviously and through that I understood the amazing difference between japanese and english in DB. English voice actor’s cannot compare to the japanese dub. Plus, they aren’t even accurate half the time in what was supposed to be said. So if you’re a true fan that would be a no go. English is good, but japanese wins

  5. Glad the English Funimation dub is finally out, I’ve been avoiding spoilers since it originally came out. I’m 24 and I was a huge fan of DragonBall Z as a kid,

    It’s a big shame Bruce Faulconer isn’t doing the music for this. His soundtrack is what really helped give DBZ its feel.

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